GP access in North West Surrey

Following a recent message to some patients in North West Surrey about changes to accessing video GP consultations from LIVI, we want to clarify what this means for how you access GP services and to confirm that, although the LIVI video consulting service will be discontinued over time, access to it will continue in the short-term.

As background to this decision, we, along with other practices in North West Surrey have been reviewing how patients access services and are introducing some changes in response to patient feedback. The key changes are:

  • Providing more face-to-face appointments in the evenings and at weekends through acute illness hubs, which are local clinics in Ashford, Woking and Chertsey.
  • Introducing a service that will allow patients to book themselves appointments with a range of other services such as physiotherapy.
  • Continuing to provide remote consultations for those who want them.

As a result, we, along with other local surgeries have made the decision that, in the longer-term, we no longer need support from LIVI. In addition, the rising costs of LIVI means it offers less value for money for our patients.

In the short-term, LIVI appointments will continue to be available for patients who want to use them until the full range of additional services are available.

We recognise that patients value a variety of ways of accessing care from the surgery. We are working hard to make sure we continue to offer more face-to-face appointments, as well as maintaining a high quality remote consultation service through the surgery.

We apologise for any confusion caused.