No Face Covering – No Access

Please be aware that even though face coverings may not be a mandatory requirement for the general public as of 19th July 2021, to protect our staff, our patients and our visitors, you will be required to wear a face covering at Crouch Oak Family Practice.

Should you have an exemption you will be expected to wear a visor, or hold a visor to your face whilst you are on the premises. Our clinicians are happy to provide care as long as you abide by the above rules, otherwise you will be directed elsewhere.

Our Admin Team will not enter into any argumentative exchange on this matter. Lately, here at Crouch Oak and across the whole of Primary Care, we have seen a rise in the aggressive rudeness directed at all members of our Team. We are not here to be abused. We are here to help you. Please treat us as you would like to be treated yourself.