Update on Contraception Clinics

In view of the recent National Lockdown and current guidelines, we are suspending the contraception clinics for the foreseeable future. This is to minimise risk to patients and staff.

Current FSRH (Faculty for Sexual and Reproductive Health) guidance states that coils (copper coils and hormone containing coils) and implants are valid for a year after their expiry i.e. 4 years for implants, 6 years for Mirena coils and 11 years for copper coils.

If the contraceptive device expiry is beyond this time frame, please contact the GP to discuss an alternative option for contraception. The mini pill is usually advised as an interim replacement for the coil/implant.

Please get in touch with us via an online request once the pandemic is over. Alternatively, you could also contact the Woking / Guildford Sexual Health Clinics to discuss your contraception options.